New factory from early January 2016                                                        Old factory start from 1986


Bonaka , founded in 1986, began as a manufacturer of hotel amenities, airline kits and PE raincoats. Today, 2 decades later, we are proud to announce that 23 years of effort and hard work have strategically positioned us comfortably onto the world map as the most reputable, innovative and advanced bags and accessories manufacturers in southern China.

Standing at 10,000 sq m with around 200-300 workers, current production capacity for bags is averaging about 2.5 million pieces of coolers equivalent a month. Outdoor products come close to 400,000 pieces, and plastic accessories are a whopping 22 million pieces every 4 weeks. Major products include all types of bags, from the simplest cosmetic pouches to the most sophisticated hiking packs; the silkiest leather purses to the roughest industrial tool cases, all can be seen in our state of the art facility.

With everything done under one premises - research and development, sampling, material purchase, injection molds, heat-seals, die-cuts, silk-screens, embroideries, sewing, assembling, packaging, and shipping; QC, nevertheless, is our #1 priority. Strict compliance is observed at all levels. These immeasurable values that we provide enhance our reputation, and generate not only repeat customers but new referrals as we progress.

As the world is gearing towards Green, needless to say, we have been advancing in this direction promoting eco-friendly products, and at the same time, developing ways to encourage our peers and competitors to protect the environment.

Our one-stop-shopping package introduced a couple of years ago remarkably provide customers the convenience of buying and shipping items without having to venture to other factories in distant cities or doubting which freight forwarder or customs broker is best. In the following pages under "Strength" and "partners" you will find the information useful when you consider your next purchase.

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