What makes Bonaka different from all other factories in the industry is that we have a brilliant team of designers dedicated to developing impressive design solutions that reflect the client's corporate identity, while respecting the schedule and budget.

This team is customer-focus, has a great passion for quality, and a keen artistic sense. Each project demands its own unique creativity and each project drives us to become the best we can be to provide the highest quality of design and service.

The design team is segregated into different sections representing levels of experience in all aspects of sports and fashions. It is great that customers look outside of their own internal design team to incorporate those who constantly use similar products in the field. As the team's background, and the style of utilizing the products are different from consumers in different markets, we have actually helped brought a unique perspective to the table.

Our core principles over the years based on a strong commitment to quality, punctuality, courteous service, respect and appreciation of those we work with and those who buy from us, and lately, protecting the environment, these values are as valid today, tomorrow, in the future as they were yesterday.

We continue to strive for the best. Customers who come to us will certainly receive the best. Below, is an abbreviated version of our main production facility.     

Profiles for affiliated and subsidiary facilities are under construction and will be available in due course.

For "One-Stop-shopping" packages, please contact your respective reps.

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